Thursday, 29 December 2016

Safety First!

Safety is one of the most important things and I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you are riding your hoverboard properly. These safety tips are for all electric scooter devices, including but not limited to; ninebot, Segway, AirWheel and Smart 2 Hoverboards.

First things first make sure you have your helmet. The best kind of helmet you can use and is strongly suggested is a round helmet. You want to use a round helmet because it fully protects your head if you were to ever fall. Smart Wheel Canada sells concussion preventative helmets that are fully adjustable so your helmet fits to your head. The reason you wouldn’t want a bike helmet is because it will increase the chances of getting a concussion due to the slants/ angles on the back of the helmet. The front of the helmet (visor) doesn’t detach while the Nutcase helmets do.

Make sure your feet are flat whenever you are getting on or off your electric device. The main reason you want to do this is that it will keep your device close to you and is the safest way to do so, while also preventing it front vibrating or doing something random.

Always get off backwards, this is because your speed comes from pushing on the balls of your feet. If you get off your device going forwards you could get hurt or end up at least a foot away from your device.

When you are riding your electric device please keep your feet to the sides, (not including any one wheel devices, in that case keep your feet against the device), this will allow for better turning, more control as well as better stability.

Rain, water and snow can be so beautiful as well as mesmerizing at times. However for hoverboards please don’t ride your device outside during that weather. The salt is bad for your hoverboard and most of them aren’t waterproof or water resistant. For other devices such as Segways, AirWheel, ninebot have a higher weather resistance which varies depending on the product.

With winter in full affect make sure you aren’t riding your devices in temperatures below 0°C.  Riding in cold temperatures isn’t good for the battery and will also drain the battery quickly.  In some cases battery may cut off frequently causing immediate shutdown while riding.

When spring, summer and fall return please ride on sidewalks and not the road. Depending on your devices you can go on dirt roads, trails and gravel. Devices such as Smart 2 10” hoverboards, Segways, AirWheel and ninebot all have air tires and are great for all terrains.

For all devices make sure you are using pedestrian pathways, tracks and trails. Do not ride on the road unless crossing at an intersection. Follow all road rules and regulations for pedestrians as these are considered personal electric mobility devices and not a vehicle.

See my next blog about catching on how to charge and store your device.

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