Monday, 30 January 2017

Smart Wheel Canada

Smart Wheel Canada started back in 2012 and has been growing ever since. With over 30 years of combined experience in business, manufacturing and international trade, Smart Wheel Canada is a specialized company for Hi-tech transportation products of the new era. 

Smart Wheel Canada is well known for many things; such as being highly knowledgeable, fast and excellent support, warranty, and a strong commitment on core values.

What’s unique about Smart Wheel Canada?

Smart Wheel Canada offers a different experience. At Smart Wheel Canada customers are welcomed to try all products to understand the feel of the product, prior to purchasing the product that they fell in love with. Smart Wheel Canada also does repairs instore which includes products sold by Smart Wheel Canada as well as any other company.

All customers sign a waiver prior to trying any product and is then given one to one training on how to use the product, tips and charging. Each team member has a vast knowledge about each device and is trained on how to use each product. From using new concussion preventative helmets and rocket scooters all the way to hoverboards and Segways. This team has you covered.

Core Values

Smart Wheel Canada has six core values; innovation, reliability, passion, efficient, consistent, and committed.
  • Innovative: Smart Wheel Canada is always looking for new technology.
  • Reliable: Smart Wheel Canada is reliable by delivering products on time and meeting all deadlines
  • Passionate: Smart Wheel Canada is passionate about we do from training to repairs all the way to planning events
  • Efficient: Smart Wheel Canada is efficient in everything we do from making the connection with the person in the store to making sure that each repair gets fixed so it runs as if it were brand new.
  • Consistent: Smart Wheel Canada is consistently growing, learning and making new connections.
  • Committed: Smart Wheel Canada is committed to our customers and clients by making sure they get the best quality service and products.


Smart Wheel Canada’s mission is to design, source and deliver future innovative technology in order to leave a greener footprint for the generations to come.

Stop By and Try

Smart Wheel Canada welcomes you to stop by and try one of our amazing products. Smart Wheel Canada is located at 1207 Appleby Line in Burlington. If you have any questions on how to get there or troubles finding the store please feel free to call 905.802.0600 or call toll free at 1.888.407.4997 option 2. One of our amazing team members will be able to help you.

Now you know more about Smart Wheel Canada and why you want to shop at this store.

Check in next week to learn about the AirWheel A3.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Choose Smart Wheel Canada

There are six main reasons why you want to purchase your products from Smart Wheel Canada. Smart Wheel Canada is Canadian Based, does domestic sales and is also an experience center while also doing after sale customer services including repairs. Smart Wheel Canada has experienced team members, strong supplier partnerships, makes deliveries on time and is the oldest in the industry with a vast knowledge of all the products that are sold at Smart Wheel Canada.
  • Canadian Based
    • Smart Wheel Canada is a Canadian based Company, this helps because the products are available in the external ware house, and Smart Wheel Canada knows the Canadian demographics. Bonus is that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.
  •  Domestic Sales, Service and Experience Center
    • Sales and after sales services are handled in Canada, so there is less of wait period and no need to go over boarders.
    • Smart Wheel Canada store offers repair services on all products purchased in store including products that have been purchased from other stores.
    • Smart Wheel Canada offers multiple services from sales, after sales support, and an experience center where customers come get trained on any product they wish to try.
  • Experience Team Members
    • Smart Wheel Canada’s team members have a vast knowledge of all products and are trained on all products.
    • Smart Wheel Canada has a qualified team of technicians that handle all repairs and/or support issues. When doing so, they also send emails to customers letting them know what is going on with their product that is being repaired. By being efficient and organized all repairs are done within 48 hours of them being brought in.
  •  Strong Supplier Partnerships
    • Smart Wheel Canada is the oldest company in the industry that is a one stop solution in personal mobility (self-balancing technology).
    • Smart Wheel Canada work directly with manufacturing companies which giving Smart Wheel Canada the flexibility to work with customer requirements.
  • Delivery's on time
    • Smart Wheel Canada pride Smart Wheel Canada selves on making deadlines, by making sure that products are delivered on time to the customer.|
  • Oldest in the industry
    • Smart Wheel Canada has the longest relationships with manufacturing partners, which gives Smart Wheel Canada the ability to have a consistent supply of new products.
1207 Appleby Line, Burlington ON L7L 5H9

So why not shop at Smart Wheel Canada?

Make sure to check back next week to learn more about Smart Wheel Canada.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What Store?

There are so many stores that sell hoverboards now, it’s hard to know where to shop at. You might not like ordering online because of frauds, or something else but they are convenient. However if you go into a store than you can see the location, possibly try the product and see other options such as, colours, designs, models, Bluetooth, different LED lights and so on.

But what store? How do you know if they will stand behind their product? What about the warranty? Will they follow through on the warranty? Are these the devices that aren’t certified or catch fire/ spark?

These are all great questions so let’s look at some different stores. If there is a store you are concerned about or have questions about leave a comment below and I will answer it and come back with either knowledge that I already know or some research I did.

When shopping for a hoverboard you should know what brand you are looking for, what tire size is appropriate for the rider and where they are going to use their hoverboard. This information will help establish where you should be looking.

Computer Canada

Great company, their hoverboards are typically low price which is great for customers that are within a tight budget and they are also regularly available. When asked about repairs and warranty I found that they don’t do their own repairs and there was also no warranty. Limited knowledge on the product and only a few colours to pick from.

Best Guys

Fantastic company, for any other products such as my laptop, television, speakers or video games you will most defiantly find me there. When it comes to hoverboards, they have a variety of brands, range in price, warranty, Bluetooth on some devices and seven different colours! All that is great, but what about product knowledge? What about educating customers on them? With limited knowledge that I could get when I went in, I found out that hoverboards aren’t available in store and I would have to order it and then wait for it to come in. Which is okay, but what about if this is was a last minute gift, then I’d be in trouble. (Don’t worry it wasn’t, I hate last minute shopping, way too stressful for me!)

Tire Canadian

I love this store and if I need to buy something for my vehicle or home decorations/ lights/ gardening/ storage bins I’ll be there. But we’re talking about hoverboards, high price, four colours, minimum weight for rider 48.5 pounds and a 1 year warranty redeemable at any store. There’s only one brand and one size, so if your child/ rider had big feet then this size and model won’t work well.

Currently it is the only store that has a team that is highly knowledgeable of hoverboards, because they specialize in that type of device. They offer one to one training which gives customers a better idea of how to ride. Rather than the device being locked to a training device that allows for minimal movement. Since the staff is high knowledgeable they are also the oldest in the industry, but it’s the knowledge that stands out the most, especially because they have an amazing team that also knows how to repair hoverboards as well as larger electric scooter devices. They currently have only one location and open at 10:30 in the morning rather opening at 9:00 in the morning. But it’s most definitely worth the wait only because they have such amazing reviews, a large variety of designs, colours and sizes. They have hoverboards for everyone, they have the following sizes; 4.5” tires, 5.5” tires, 6.5” tires, 8” tires and 10” tires. They have two brands but they are the best of the best with an amazing warranty.

Other Stores

There are so many stores that sell other products such as candy, video games or computers. They aren’t bad, they have low prices, some have more than one colour usually four is the most variety in colours, some with Bluetooth, regularly have them in stock. However, there isn’t much of a warranty if any, which is a concern because what happens if your battery isn’t working, or the power button stops working, or you need a new charger.

Look for my next blog about Smart Wheel Canada.

Monday, 9 January 2017

What Certification?

A few years ago (in 2015), there was multiple articles out having to do with hoverboards catching fire, sparks and “exploding”.

Customers have become extremely cautious when purchasing an electric scooter also known as hoverboards. Questions that often pop-up in conversations are similar to, “Will it catch fire”, “Will it explode”, “What should I be worried about”, and so on. I’m sure you can think of some questions that have popped into your mind while shopping online looking for a hoverboard or when you listening to your child or loved one talk about these cool devices.

With all of this concern there are now certifications for hoverboards that can be found on batteries and chargers, this certification is UL 2272.

This certification is created and given out by Underwriter Laboratories. “UL certifies, validates, tests, verifies, inspects, audits, advises and educates. We provide the knowledge and expertise to help customers navigate growing complexities across the supply chain from compliance and regulatory issues to trade challenges and market access. In this way, we facilitate global trade and deliver peace of mind.”[1]

All UL Certified hoverboards have received a certificate as well as a holographic labels which feature the UL Enhanced Mark. This makes it easy for customers to identify excellent quality products, which also has helped reduce “fake” or bad hoverboards.

“UL Certification means that consumers can purchase with more peace of mind, knowing that the electrical system has been safety-certified to electrical and fire safety requirements, and retailers can source UL certified hoverboards with confidence in their safety certification and can build UL 2272 compliance into their procurement policies.”   ~ Jeff Smidt, Vice President and General Manager of UL’s Energy and Power Technologies division[2]

UL Charger will say UL on it
Please keep in mind that this is currently for the United States of America and not all countries have to have this in order to sell a hoverboard. With that being said some companies in Canada have decided to get the UL Certification as well to comfort customers.

The majority of Hoverboards in the market are not UL 2272 certified and most of them do not carry any UL certification for batteries and/or chargers. Some sellers are still not aware of this certification due to lack of knowledge in the industry as well as market.

What do these sellers typically do then?

Some sellers are currently liquidating surplus Hoverboards available in Canada especially in Toronto Market, before UL2272 Hoverboards enters the market and because of that sometimes they are able to offer very low prices.

I encourage you to verify that you receive a proper UL Charger and UL Battery. As well as to make sure that the person/company can provide you with a proper warranty and local support for hoverboards as well as any other electric mobility device.

If you have more questions about the UL Certification please click here or leave a comment below.

Tune in next week when I’ll be talking about which store you should consider shopping at.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Charging & Storing

Hoverboards, ninebot, segways and AirWheel products are all similar when it comes to charging, storing and riding safe. If you missed last week’s post about riding safe visit last week’s blog: Safety First!
Let’s talk about charging first.
Before charging your device you should know how long it will take to charge. If you can’t remember or don’t know where to go to look it up, I’ve got you covered. Each product takes a different amount of time to charge.
·         Smart 2 Hoverboard series 2 to 3 hours


·         AirWheel

o   Z5 2 to 3 hours
o   Z3 1 to 2 hours
o   Z3T 1 to 2 hours
o   M3 1 to 2 hours
o   S6 1 to 2 hours
o   A3 3 to 4 hours
o   S5 4 to 5 hours
o   S3 3 to 4 hours
o   Q5 2 to 3 hours
o   Q3 2 to 3 hours
o   X8 2 to 3 hours

·         Ninebot

o   Ninebot PTR E+ (Leg bar & Handle) 3 to 4 hours

o   Ninebot Comfort (Leg Bar) 3 to 4 hours

o   Ninebot Mini Pro 2 to 3 hours

o   Ninebot One E+ 2 to 3 hours

·         Segway

o   i2 SE 8 to 10 hours

o   x2 SE 8 to 10 hours

Here is how you should be charging your devices.

·         Look for the dip in your charger (step 1)

Line it up (step 2)
·         Line it up to the one on your device (step2 )

Put it into your device (step 3)
·         Slide it into your device. (step 3)

There should never be any force needed it should just slide in easily. I recorded a 30 second video if you need it just click here.

When your device is fully charged the light will on your charging box will be green. That’s how you know that it’s safe to ride your device again. Please charge your device when it beeps with red flashing battery light. Do not let your battery drain to 0% for a couple reasons, you never know when the device is going to fall and you could get really hurt. The other reason is that it shortens the battery life of your device, you paid a lot of money for it, make sure it will last you more than just a few years.

Never charge your device overnight. Similar to draining your battery to 0% by charging it at night you are over charging your battery which once again affects the battery life. Similar to your phone, laptop, or any other device you need to plug in to charge. If you over charge it, it will affect the battery memory and will die a lot faster and more often. I didn’t know that before and now I have to have my laptop plugged in most of the time because it just dies now within the hour of using it.
When charging your device make sure nothing is blocking the device or the charger. This means putting stuff on top of your device/ charger or putting them on top of a bunch of clothes/ jackets/ pillows and so on. The reason being is that while your battery is charging it produces heat. When it is blocked/ covered the heat becomes trapped inside which can be dangerous, similar to your phone, laptop, computer or your television.

During storing it’s important to take care of your device still. Here are some storing tips during those cold days. Every two months take your device out of storage, give it a full charge and ride it for about 5 or 10 minutes, after that give a full charge once again and back into storage it goes. By doing this you save the battery while also making sure that it isn’t 100% dead. When you are storing your device make sure you store it a room that is room temperature. If you can’t be in that room without a coat/sweater for at least three hours, then you device won’t be happy there either.

These tips are important for safety and a longer life of your device’s battery. If these tips (maintenance procedures) are followed you’ll have your device for a very long time. However if they aren’t followed you battery life may be shortened and might not be covered under you warranty.

You did get the warranty, right? If not, Smart Wheel Canada will fix your device without hesitation. Just call them or walk in.

Let me know what you think, do you have some tips that would help other parents/ grandparents/ aunts/ uncles/ or me? I would love to read about them. Leave a comment below.

Until next week, happy riding!

Next week I’ll be talking about getting a device with proper certification.