Saturday, 7 January 2017

Charging & Storing

Hoverboards, ninebot, segways and AirWheel products are all similar when it comes to charging, storing and riding safe. If you missed last week’s post about riding safe visit last week’s blog: Safety First!
Let’s talk about charging first.
Before charging your device you should know how long it will take to charge. If you can’t remember or don’t know where to go to look it up, I’ve got you covered. Each product takes a different amount of time to charge.
·         Smart 2 Hoverboard series 2 to 3 hours


·         AirWheel

o   Z5 2 to 3 hours
o   Z3 1 to 2 hours
o   Z3T 1 to 2 hours
o   M3 1 to 2 hours
o   S6 1 to 2 hours
o   A3 3 to 4 hours
o   S5 4 to 5 hours
o   S3 3 to 4 hours
o   Q5 2 to 3 hours
o   Q3 2 to 3 hours
o   X8 2 to 3 hours

·         Ninebot

o   Ninebot PTR E+ (Leg bar & Handle) 3 to 4 hours

o   Ninebot Comfort (Leg Bar) 3 to 4 hours

o   Ninebot Mini Pro 2 to 3 hours

o   Ninebot One E+ 2 to 3 hours

·         Segway

o   i2 SE 8 to 10 hours

o   x2 SE 8 to 10 hours

Here is how you should be charging your devices.

·         Look for the dip in your charger (step 1)

Line it up (step 2)
·         Line it up to the one on your device (step2 )

Put it into your device (step 3)
·         Slide it into your device. (step 3)

There should never be any force needed it should just slide in easily. I recorded a 30 second video if you need it just click here.

When your device is fully charged the light will on your charging box will be green. That’s how you know that it’s safe to ride your device again. Please charge your device when it beeps with red flashing battery light. Do not let your battery drain to 0% for a couple reasons, you never know when the device is going to fall and you could get really hurt. The other reason is that it shortens the battery life of your device, you paid a lot of money for it, make sure it will last you more than just a few years.

Never charge your device overnight. Similar to draining your battery to 0% by charging it at night you are over charging your battery which once again affects the battery life. Similar to your phone, laptop, or any other device you need to plug in to charge. If you over charge it, it will affect the battery memory and will die a lot faster and more often. I didn’t know that before and now I have to have my laptop plugged in most of the time because it just dies now within the hour of using it.
When charging your device make sure nothing is blocking the device or the charger. This means putting stuff on top of your device/ charger or putting them on top of a bunch of clothes/ jackets/ pillows and so on. The reason being is that while your battery is charging it produces heat. When it is blocked/ covered the heat becomes trapped inside which can be dangerous, similar to your phone, laptop, computer or your television.

During storing it’s important to take care of your device still. Here are some storing tips during those cold days. Every two months take your device out of storage, give it a full charge and ride it for about 5 or 10 minutes, after that give a full charge once again and back into storage it goes. By doing this you save the battery while also making sure that it isn’t 100% dead. When you are storing your device make sure you store it a room that is room temperature. If you can’t be in that room without a coat/sweater for at least three hours, then you device won’t be happy there either.

These tips are important for safety and a longer life of your device’s battery. If these tips (maintenance procedures) are followed you’ll have your device for a very long time. However if they aren’t followed you battery life may be shortened and might not be covered under you warranty.

You did get the warranty, right? If not, Smart Wheel Canada will fix your device without hesitation. Just call them or walk in.

Let me know what you think, do you have some tips that would help other parents/ grandparents/ aunts/ uncles/ or me? I would love to read about them. Leave a comment below.

Until next week, happy riding!

Next week I’ll be talking about getting a device with proper certification.