Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Out With The Old In With The New!

Scooters are amazing! They are fun, easy to ride, you can use them almost all year round and you can go a good distance before you get tired. But what if you could go farther? What if you didn’t
have to do a kick every so often to get speed? What if you could hit 20 km/hour?

This week I am going to talk about the Airwheel Z5, so you can get an idea of this amazing scooter while also learning more about it and exactly why I love it. Let’s get started!

The new Airwheel Z5 has multiple benefits to riding it, from speed, comfort, lighting all the way to the sleek design that allows everyone of all of ages to ride it.  In order to get this speed you push down on the leaver, but be careful it has a bit of a kick to it if you aren’t used to it.

The Airwheel Z5 has a max speed of 20 kilometers per hour. This is great because if you are going long distances you are covered, plus you won’t get tired from pumping/ kicking to keep you moving. Riding the Airwheel Z5 is a lot of fun, but you need a lot of room to really get the hang of it.

In order to use the Airwheel Z5 you have to turn on two buttons, the first one is down where your feet go and the second one it by your right hand, the red button. Remember in the movies when they always say, “Don’t touch the red button,” well now you get to touch the red button. Once both of those are on you want to slowly push down on the lever (on the right handle). The reason I say slowly is because it has a strong kick to it and if you aren’t ready for it you could do what I did and scare yourself a bit. There is also a bell on the left handle bar to let people in front of you are coming behind them, that way you don’t scare them when you go zipping on by.

The handle has a curved shape to it which makes it more comfortable to ride. The designers put a lot of thought into this device, it has a convex handle with a curved shaped operating rod which gives extra room for your hands. In my opinion I did find that my hands where more comfortable and it felt a lot nicer when I was riding compared to the “old” scooters.

Due to the design the operating rod can be adjusted for different heights ensuring maximum comfort when riding, making the Airwheel Z5 great for all age groups.

Whether you’re traveling far or just going a short distance the Airwheel Z5 is great because not only can it get you there but if you are traveling in a vehicle or need to store it somewhere it can collapse. The Airwheel Z5 has multiple folding systems which makes it easy to travel with and store, making it convenient for you. The Airwheel Z5 is easy to fold, in order to do this you by lifting and pulling the foldable handle design. The Ariwheel Z5 folds to a full 90° talk about easy to store.

The pedals are something that will also catch your eye. Instead of putting one foot behind the other now you can stand like you normally would allowing you to be comfortable for longer. The design of the Airwheel Z5 can help with your posture by standing properly rather than leaning forward or having one foot behind the other. This will also reduce the strain on your legs while riding for long periods of time.

The Airwheel Z5 also includes a headlight as well as a break light allowing you to enjoy riding no matter what time of day. This will help lets vehicles know that you are there while also giving you light to see where you are going. Safety is key.

There’s some great bonuses to the Airwheel Z5 that you most definitely don’t want to miss. The app is essential in the intelligence era, allowing you to see just how fast you are going, the amount of power that is left and the mileage on there. You can even see the malfunction to make it easier when it comes to keeping on top of maintenance. But that’s not all it can do. The battery of the Airwheel Z5 can help you charge your smart phone, tablet and any other devices you have during travel. On average it can charge the iPhone 6, 50 times and an iPad mini 15 times!

There are so many amazing benefits that the Airwheel Z5 has to offer to learn more about the Airwheel Z5 tune in next week.

The Airwheel Z5 is available to try and buy at Smart WheelCanada. They are open from Monday through Saturday from the hours of 10:30 AM until 6:30 PM. So what are you waiting for?

Until next week!