Monday, 23 January 2017

Choose Smart Wheel Canada

There are six main reasons why you want to purchase your products from Smart Wheel Canada. Smart Wheel Canada is Canadian Based, does domestic sales and is also an experience center while also doing after sale customer services including repairs. Smart Wheel Canada has experienced team members, strong supplier partnerships, makes deliveries on time and is the oldest in the industry with a vast knowledge of all the products that are sold at Smart Wheel Canada.
  • Canadian Based
    • Smart Wheel Canada is a Canadian based Company, this helps because the products are available in the external ware house, and Smart Wheel Canada knows the Canadian demographics. Bonus is that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.
  •  Domestic Sales, Service and Experience Center
    • Sales and after sales services are handled in Canada, so there is less of wait period and no need to go over boarders.
    • Smart Wheel Canada store offers repair services on all products purchased in store including products that have been purchased from other stores.
    • Smart Wheel Canada offers multiple services from sales, after sales support, and an experience center where customers come get trained on any product they wish to try.
  • Experience Team Members
    • Smart Wheel Canada’s team members have a vast knowledge of all products and are trained on all products.
    • Smart Wheel Canada has a qualified team of technicians that handle all repairs and/or support issues. When doing so, they also send emails to customers letting them know what is going on with their product that is being repaired. By being efficient and organized all repairs are done within 48 hours of them being brought in.
  •  Strong Supplier Partnerships
    • Smart Wheel Canada is the oldest company in the industry that is a one stop solution in personal mobility (self-balancing technology).
    • Smart Wheel Canada work directly with manufacturing companies which giving Smart Wheel Canada the flexibility to work with customer requirements.
  • Delivery's on time
    • Smart Wheel Canada pride Smart Wheel Canada selves on making deadlines, by making sure that products are delivered on time to the customer.|
  • Oldest in the industry
    • Smart Wheel Canada has the longest relationships with manufacturing partners, which gives Smart Wheel Canada the ability to have a consistent supply of new products.
1207 Appleby Line, Burlington ON L7L 5H9

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