Monday, 30 January 2017

Smart Wheel Canada

Smart Wheel Canada started back in 2012 and has been growing ever since. With over 30 years of combined experience in business, manufacturing and international trade, Smart Wheel Canada is a specialized company for Hi-tech transportation products of the new era. 

Smart Wheel Canada is well known for many things; such as being highly knowledgeable, fast and excellent support, warranty, and a strong commitment on core values.

What’s unique about Smart Wheel Canada?

Smart Wheel Canada offers a different experience. At Smart Wheel Canada customers are welcomed to try all products to understand the feel of the product, prior to purchasing the product that they fell in love with. Smart Wheel Canada also does repairs instore which includes products sold by Smart Wheel Canada as well as any other company.

All customers sign a waiver prior to trying any product and is then given one to one training on how to use the product, tips and charging. Each team member has a vast knowledge about each device and is trained on how to use each product. From using new concussion preventative helmets and rocket scooters all the way to hoverboards and Segways. This team has you covered.

Core Values

Smart Wheel Canada has six core values; innovation, reliability, passion, efficient, consistent, and committed.
  • Innovative: Smart Wheel Canada is always looking for new technology.
  • Reliable: Smart Wheel Canada is reliable by delivering products on time and meeting all deadlines
  • Passionate: Smart Wheel Canada is passionate about we do from training to repairs all the way to planning events
  • Efficient: Smart Wheel Canada is efficient in everything we do from making the connection with the person in the store to making sure that each repair gets fixed so it runs as if it were brand new.
  • Consistent: Smart Wheel Canada is consistently growing, learning and making new connections.
  • Committed: Smart Wheel Canada is committed to our customers and clients by making sure they get the best quality service and products.


Smart Wheel Canada’s mission is to design, source and deliver future innovative technology in order to leave a greener footprint for the generations to come.

Stop By and Try

Smart Wheel Canada welcomes you to stop by and try one of our amazing products. Smart Wheel Canada is located at 1207 Appleby Line in Burlington. If you have any questions on how to get there or troubles finding the store please feel free to call 905.802.0600 or call toll free at 1.888.407.4997 option 2. One of our amazing team members will be able to help you.

Now you know more about Smart Wheel Canada and why you want to shop at this store.

Check in next week to learn about the AirWheel A3.