Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What Store?

There are so many stores that sell hoverboards now, it’s hard to know where to shop at. You might not like ordering online because of frauds, or something else but they are convenient. However if you go into a store than you can see the location, possibly try the product and see other options such as, colours, designs, models, Bluetooth, different LED lights and so on.

But what store? How do you know if they will stand behind their product? What about the warranty? Will they follow through on the warranty? Are these the devices that aren’t certified or catch fire/ spark?

These are all great questions so let’s look at some different stores. If there is a store you are concerned about or have questions about leave a comment below and I will answer it and come back with either knowledge that I already know or some research I did.

When shopping for a hoverboard you should know what brand you are looking for, what tire size is appropriate for the rider and where they are going to use their hoverboard. This information will help establish where you should be looking.

Computer Canada

Great company, their hoverboards are typically low price which is great for customers that are within a tight budget and they are also regularly available. When asked about repairs and warranty I found that they don’t do their own repairs and there was also no warranty. Limited knowledge on the product and only a few colours to pick from.

Best Guys

Fantastic company, for any other products such as my laptop, television, speakers or video games you will most defiantly find me there. When it comes to hoverboards, they have a variety of brands, range in price, warranty, Bluetooth on some devices and seven different colours! All that is great, but what about product knowledge? What about educating customers on them? With limited knowledge that I could get when I went in, I found out that hoverboards aren’t available in store and I would have to order it and then wait for it to come in. Which is okay, but what about if this is was a last minute gift, then I’d be in trouble. (Don’t worry it wasn’t, I hate last minute shopping, way too stressful for me!)

Tire Canadian

I love this store and if I need to buy something for my vehicle or home decorations/ lights/ gardening/ storage bins I’ll be there. But we’re talking about hoverboards, high price, four colours, minimum weight for rider 48.5 pounds and a 1 year warranty redeemable at any store. There’s only one brand and one size, so if your child/ rider had big feet then this size and model won’t work well.

Currently it is the only store that has a team that is highly knowledgeable of hoverboards, because they specialize in that type of device. They offer one to one training which gives customers a better idea of how to ride. Rather than the device being locked to a training device that allows for minimal movement. Since the staff is high knowledgeable they are also the oldest in the industry, but it’s the knowledge that stands out the most, especially because they have an amazing team that also knows how to repair hoverboards as well as larger electric scooter devices. They currently have only one location and open at 10:30 in the morning rather opening at 9:00 in the morning. But it’s most definitely worth the wait only because they have such amazing reviews, a large variety of designs, colours and sizes. They have hoverboards for everyone, they have the following sizes; 4.5” tires, 5.5” tires, 6.5” tires, 8” tires and 10” tires. They have two brands but they are the best of the best with an amazing warranty.

Other Stores

There are so many stores that sell other products such as candy, video games or computers. They aren’t bad, they have low prices, some have more than one colour usually four is the most variety in colours, some with Bluetooth, regularly have them in stock. However, there isn’t much of a warranty if any, which is a concern because what happens if your battery isn’t working, or the power button stops working, or you need a new charger.

Look for my next blog about Smart Wheel Canada.